An innovative approach to tackling homelessness

Derived from a desire to help give people the opportunity to rebuild their lives and be a step towards independence, the SoloHaus is a sustainable, efficient and safe home designed to be part of the solution to the homeless crisis.

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The Crisis

With over 259,000 individuals homeless in England, something needs to change

Foundation 200

A commitment to give back and support the homeless

The Solution

Learn more out about the SoloHaus homes, their benefits, how they’re built and more

SHC Partnership

A truly special partnership. How Hill are working with The Salvation Army and Citizens UK to deliver SoloHaus


Where can I see SoloHaus?

We run a limited number of open day events in which your business can have an opportunity to view and discuss SoloHaus and how it may benefit what you do in the community.

Check back here to find out when our next event is scheduled.