The Crisis

The Current Homeless Crisis in England

In December 2023, the housing and homelessness charity Shelter composed a report of local authorities’ estimated homeless levels. The numbers were stark – at least 309,000 people in England spent Christmas without a home, including almost 140,000 children. This is a stark increase of 14%, 38,100 people, in one year.

Shelter’s analysis of official homelessness figures revealed 1 in 182 people in England are homeless today, with over 3,000 people sleeping rough on any given night (26% increase) and 279,400 living in temporary accommodation – most of whom are families.

Now more than ever, a sustainable solution is needed to help people without a home.

Homeless statistics in London in 2019


Individuals homeless in 2023

Over 17,000

More homeless people since 2022

That equates to

1 in every 51 people

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