Foundation 200

A commitment to give back and support the homeless

Twenty years ago Andy Hill, CEO of Hill Group, was made redundant, a sudden change in circumstances that illustrates how quickly someone’s luck can turn.

With the support of his family, he was able to start a business that has grown into one of the UK’s leading housebuilders. But he has never forgotten that redundancy is an issue that can lead to homelessness, and how fortunate he was not to face this.

Foundation 200

To celebrate Hill’s 20th anniversary, Andy wanted to do something that would help tackle the homeless crisis and give people the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

So he launched Foundation 200, a pledge to build and gift 200 free homes in order to provide thousands of people a meanwhile home, in a safe, secure, purpose-built single dwelling. With a commitment to deliver 40 homes per year, across 5 years, Foundation 200 is an innovative approach to the crisis and Hill’s way of giving back to the community and supporting those in desperate need.

“Homelessness, with its multitude of causes, is sadly a growing problem. That’s why we decided to mark our 20th anniversary with a commitment to ease the current crisis and help people living on the streets to rebuild their lives. “The whole business is taking huge pride in delivering these initiatives, and while we will not solve the problem on our own today, we are taking a big step in the right direction, which we hope others will follow.”

Andy Hill, CEO and Founder, Hill Group

Andy Hill, CEO and Founder, Hill Group

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